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Established in 2003, JMT Law House has become one of indonesian leading law firms that provides services both to public and private sectors, domestic and foreign companies. Supported by highly experienced consultants, JMT Law House advises and gives focused answers with the best competency, quality, and comprehensive solution needed by global industries.

JMT Law House believes that client's trust is a responsibility. JMT Law House performs its responsibilities and earns its client's trust through the application of knowledge, diligent, professional care, and creative thinking. Therefore, JMT Law House guarantees the confidentiality of every case and treats all customers as top priority.

In general, with all related professional certifications, JMT Law House provides "a one stop" legal service solution based on the client's request. JMT Law House also concerns to make the clients grow and gain profits.

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Our team of experienced professionals have worked hard to identify and direct the strengths of our personnel to work as a team. Because of our structure, we are able to delegate tasks in a cost-effective manner. This creates a highly effective work environment that is beneficial for both our personnel and our clients.


Corporate Finance JMT Law House , represents businesses, financial institutions and other clients within range of financial debts and equity transactions, including conventional credit facilities, venture capital transactions, leveraged and management buy-outs, asset-based and other secured loans, industrial developments and other public financings, public offerings, private placements and other alternatives to raise equity capital.

Tax Law Indonesian tax system and procedures are unique because government imply tax on most business decision. JMT Law House assesses those implications of complicated business structure and investment as well as mergers, acquisitions and other material transactions.

JMT Law House strives to provide creative solutions for personal and corporate tax concern, litigation supports and client representation before the tax court institution.

Based on the current tax laws and policies, JMT Law House tax lawyers advise to Indonesian and foreign companies transacting business on efficient tax structure arrangements for their local and international transaction.

Capital Market and Securities JMT Law House assists client in issuing securities in the capital market, such as initial public offering for stocks and bonds, right issue, and employee stock option plan. JMT Law House advises public listed company in taking corporate actions, such as the issuance of stock dividends, stock splits, reverse stocks and stock buybacks.

The services include giving advice to the issuers, underwriters and investors in stocks, bonds, convertible bonds and commercial paper transactions. We prepare and assist clients with initial public offerings and secondary or subsequent offerings.

Commercial Litigation JMT Law House represents clients in a wide range of complex commercial disputes arising from business matters. JMT Law House prosecute and defend claims for breach of contracts, business defamations, antitrust violations, the use of confidential information, and trade secrets.

JMT Law House provides advocacy services involving commercial disputes before Indonesian court, representation in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. JMT Law House assists clients in formulating strategies, assembling and analyzing evidences and handling matters at trial

Intellectual Property Intellectual property and other indefinites have a significant contribution to attain company profit. Though, they are not physical, they have economic values.

Our intellectual property practice includes on the registration, protection and enforcement of trademarks, patents and copyrights. We participate actively in the rapid growth of franchising arrangements in Indonesia and provide services in negotiating and drafting of the relevant documents and agreements, applications for registration and public announcements, for international and Indonesian clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions JMT Law House has exceptional expertises and experiences in managing disputes and contentious matters in Indonesia for both international and domestic clients. Through association with ICLA, JMT Law House has access to leading international disputes expertise and know-how. JMT Law House disputes work regularly involves advising major international companies on significant contentious matters within Indonesia.

JMT Law House assists client in solving their disputes using private mediation, arbitration, facilitation and other dispute resolution process as an alternative way to a more traditional; litigation venue. Depending on each individual case and the client's particular needs, utilization of an alternative dispute resolutions process can avoid publicity, risks, costs, and delays inherent in common litigation.

Mergers and Acquisitions JMT Law House provides sophisticated advice on mergers, acquisitions and other significant corporate transactions. JMT Law House give advises on conventional acquisitions, dispositions and mergers, restructurings, amalgamations, and plan of arrangements, joint ventures, and the establishment of new businesses in Indonesia. JMT Law House experienced professionals help clients to structure an integrated solution in taxes, securities, corporate financing, banking, government regulations and other complex issues.

JMT Law House has superb experiences in assisting clients in asset and share acquisition transactions, mergers and reorganizations. JMT Law House advises on the various regulations and procedures involved and attend to all related due to diligence and documents preparation. JMT Law House acts for venture capitalists, multinationals, investment funds, private equity funds, strategic investors and domestic corporations in all types of mergers and acquisitions transactions to meet relevant legal, regulatory and tax requirements.

Bankruptcy Having certification as administrators and receiver, JMT Law House serves and represents international and domestic institutions in the bankruptcy proceedings. JMT Law House services include defending clients in the Commercial Court for bankruptcy proceedings, representing clients in claiming their rights from a bankruptcy estate of companies declared by the Commercial Court to be in bankruptcy; drafting and filing bankruptcy pleadings; and settling the debts comprehensively.

Banking Law JMT Law House serves international and domestic institutions related to banking law, such as banks, insurance houses and fund managers.

JMT Law House expertise covers project, corporate, retail and structured finance, securitization, debt restructuring and workouts, aircraft operating leases and aircraft financing. JMT Law House also advises borrowers and intermediaries.

Oil, Gas, and General Mining Since the beginning of its establishment, JMT Law House has been deeply involved in numerous oil and gas exploration and exploitation deals including negotiation of production sharing contracts and technical assistance contracts such as drilling rig contracts, services agreements, charter parties and other agreements customary in upstream activities.

Immigration and International Employment Global economy trend require some companies in Indonesia to employ expatriates for international business transactions. JMT Law House is aware on this issue and therefore, JMT Law House serves a wide variety of immigration matters for such clients regarding to enter, remain and work in Indonesia.

Anti Trust JMT Law House provides Antitrust legal services involving mergers and structural issues, criminal grand jury proceedings, international antitrust enforcements, pricing practices, product distributions, joint ventures, class actions based on indonesian antitrust and unfair competition laws among many other areas.

Antidumping, Antisubsidy and Safeguard Antidumping, Anti Subsidy and Safeguard is trade defence instrument recognized by WTO, which need combination of law, accounting, and finance. The alleged company or country and the petitioner should consider not only the law, legislation and regulation on antidumping, antisubsidy, and safeguard, but also accounting and finance aspect, when filling the petition and questionnaire, giving submission, and communicating with the parties regarding to the case. JMT Law House will assist and represent client in handling antidumping, Antisubsidy, or Safeguard case.